One of the better reasons to mar, deform, burn, or otherwise desecrate a flag is to protest that some people value symbols so highly, and dissent so low, that they want to amend the constitution to prevent any damage to their (Calling the American flag the symbol of some other group is quite similar to the error I get angry with liberals for liberalism about. It is my symbol as much as it is anyone's, except maybe Betsy Ross.) symbol. I do wonder if a massive outpouring of flag burnings to protest the potential amendment would raise the level of outrage by people who are on the fence about it enough that the amendment would be passed, or if it would lead people to recognize that there is nothing particularly egregious about that kind of dissent.

See also some neat pictures of flag desecration (via Lindsay). And Volokh's slippery slope argument against the amendment. While it has passed the House everyone says this is its best chance to pass the Senate. I would guess this is because Senators are aware that there are people who are passionate on the pro-Amendment side and will vote against them if they oppose it, but aren't as aware of the opposition who will vote against them if they support it. Which is to say, contact your Senator.