Idle Speculation

I haven't been following the story all that closely, but it seems to me the Bolton nomination is dead. With the lack of a recess appointment over the break Congress just finished, and Bolton's name having basically dropped out of the major papers and news organizations (partially thanks to O'Connor's resignation), I have difficulty imagining John Bolton being the next UN Ambassador. This has to be seen as a victory for competence and good policy, and a welcome one at that. I would think the lack of a recess appointment or a continued push for a vote in the Senate is newsworthy in and of itself, but I guess there won't be any official confirmation until the nomination is withdrawn and someone else (Paula Dobriansky?) is nominated in his place. Also, neither myself nor the blog are dead. Have faith, I shall return, etc. Oh, and I really like that the reason given in the first link in the Google search under "dropped" for why Bush has to push ahead with Bolton is that otherwise "Pelosi and Voinovich [will] have a chance to crow." Who cares if he did a bad job at arms control, doesn't believe in international institutions, and won't have any respect from the people whom he has to work with? A political win for the Democrats is much worse than making someone with those qualifications our ambassador.

Update: I've been told many times that patience is a virtue, but I usually tend to ignore the advice. In this case, that may have been a mistake. In other words, I am an idiot.