And eat it too!

Unless I'm misunderstanding the technical issues, Matt Y's proposal (re-auction off a block of the broadcast specturm to cellular providers and use part of the money from the auction to give people who only recieve broadcast television a free conversion to cable) is an awesome idea.

My first quibble: Is the idea that the conversion boxes provide such barebone services that close to no one would go out of their way to appear to only recieve the over the air channels in order to get free stuff.

Addendum: This, marketed properly, should inculcate a feeling that the government is good providing people with useful things. This is a feeling that liberals generally like to encourage and conservatives to discourage

Query: Is there a way to come up with concrete examples of how this would help the median voter for Democrats to use in the 2006 campaigns? Is there a way that candidates running for non-federal level offices can do a smaller part towards it?