Intellectual Wankery (is a compliment)

DeLong has a really interesting and long post, mostly on the justifying/explaining distinction. It's acutally more of a colloquy with his old professor Jeff Weintraub (link is to his CV, scroll to bottom of the page). Do not see also the comments, except for Daniel Davies (Brad does not appear to have links enabled for individual comments, find it if you want to). If I wanted this post to be substantive, it would include my thoughts on the matter. Maybe after I've had some time to digest it, but who knows.

Update: I thought the above post on this topic was good, but I did not know what good was until I read Hilzoy on it. If all her writing is this clear, I dont know why I was never assigned any of her materials in my undergraduate philosophy education. And I'm quite certain I wasn't. Also, the one comment here appears to be copied and pasted and is cut off part way through, stupid haloscan word limit.