Let me tell you what "Like a Virgin's" about...

I find Yetisports to be endlessly distracting, so it's unfortunate that I really suck at it.

Also, at first I was really sure that the NARAL ad everyone talks about is unfair, then I read the statute in question and Mark Kleiman's and Scott Lemieux's comments on the issue and was sort of persuaded that the ad was within acceptable limits. But now I'm leaning towards something like this: Roberts position in Bray led to a legal ruling which I don't think is correct (as a textual matter, it really does seem like 42 USC ยง1985(3) should cover trespassing to obstruct women's ability to enter an abortion clinic) but suggesting that he supports abortion clinic bombings is really over the line based on his position on the case.

This post is notable for a total absence of the reasons I hold the positions which I do.