Accidentally untitled

The 2005 edition of New York Magazine's "How Much Do People Make?" article has been released, and it is, as always, a good read. The figures are cash only, not including fringe benefits of transport, housing, etc. That said, here a few of my favorites, with commentary when I have some:

New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz: $90,000 (WD's note: they couldn't find out how much Randy Cohen makes?)

Kim's Video Clerk David Schmidt: $8,736 (28 hours per week at $6/hour)

Astor Place subway station street musician George M.: $16,800

Malcolm Gladwell
: $1.5 million (book advance, plus $250,000 New Yorker salary and $30,000 per speaking engagement) (WD's note: it's unclear to me why they don't just add these up, unless they can't find out how many speaking engagements he has had)

ESL Investments Hedge Fund manager Edward Lampert: $1.02 billion

McKinsey & Co. consultant Chelsea Clinton: $120,000 (WD's note: reliable sources tell me this is wrong, at least to the degree that it excludes her bonus)

Parking-violation judge Laura Held: $126,072 (WD's note: I can't decide if this surprisingly high, or compared with a first year law firm associates salary, surprisingly low)

First-year associate at Weil, Gotshal, Manges William Joshua Brant: $125,000 (WD's note: this certainly excludes any bonus, though as I don't know Mr. Brant, I can't confirm that he received a bonus)

The contrast between Bloomberg's chief of staff and campaign manager is also interesting. There are many more interesting ones, including the President of my school, a cocaine dealer, and a Princeton Review SAT tutor whose salary seems incommensurately high compared with what I was making when I taught the LSAT for Kaplan.