C for Constitution

I don't have anything particularly new to say about the various Katrina response efforts, nor have I invested much time in analyzing every (or even most) word(s) said in the Roberts confirmation, I'm pretty much silent on the two issues dominating the public political discourse. Similarly, I'm embarrassingly under-informed about New York City politics, so I don't have any comments about the election results except to note that Christopher X. Brodeur, who I previously noted here, got 4% of the vote. Also, I'm hoping this site might help with my lack of local politics knowledge. Having now reviewed the things I won't be talking about, here's what I am:

I picked up two books on Sunday, and while I've only finished one, I recommend both. The unfinished one is Akhil Amar's America's Constitution: A Biography, which has taught me quite a bit in just the first twenty pages. Especially interesting in this early section is the comparison of the restrictions on who could be involved in (vote for a delegate or be a delegate) in the Constitutional ratifying conventions compared with the much stricter restrictions which were in place for standard elections.

The other is Alan Moore and David Lloyd's V for Vendetta. It's the collection of the full run of the comic book, and prevents an interesting story about, among other things an anarchist fighting the totalitarian government in post nuclear war England. That's just the barest bones of a synopsis, there's far more to it.