Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

I have conflicting inconsistent desires as far as this blog goes. On the one hand, I want far, far more readers than I have (Hint: If you just read that sentence, that makes you about one of twenty people in the world to have done so, depending on what time you read it at.). On the other, I just found in my referrals someone who had found the site by googling "Washerdreyer." This is fairly common. However, their IP address is registered to a law firm I interviewed with last week. I've looked back through e-mails I've sent to them, and none of them include the term "washerdreyer" or any link to this blog. This leaves me quite curious as to how someone there ended up searching for that term. It's not that there's anything (that I think) is so bad on this site, but I never know what a potential employer would think. I guess I'll note that I've never said anything about any job I've worked at on this blog.

Also, my use of the term googling, and the widespread use of that term, could eventually cause trademark trouble if googling becomes a generic term for using a search engine. Or so my reading of trademark law would imply.