A day in the life

Having just walked by Parker Posey and Jimmy Fallon dancing on top of a taxi cab while attached to a wire harness and drinking Pepsi, I'm in a contemplative mood.

I. Top 5 Parker Posey movies (which I have seen. Exclusion means either I haven't seen it, it fails on the merits, or wasn't included for some idiosyncratic reason.):
1.Best in Show Notes: This film is better than Waiting for Guffman.
2.The Anniversary Party Notes: I haven't seen this since I saw it in theatres, but I quite liked it then.
3. Waiting for Guffman
4. House of Yes
5. Kicking and Screaming Notes: If I could remember what role she played in this, or much of the movie besides a vague positive feeling towards it, I might place it higher.

Explanatory note: Dazed and Confused is a better movie than most, and likely all, of these. But it's an ensemble film which I can't really conceptualize as a Parker Posey film (she plays the girl with the infamous, "Lick me, all of you" line). One might quibble that all of the above are ensemble films. One would then be a jerk. I also like Party Girl.

II. Top Five Jimmy Fallon Films
Jimmy Fallon has made at most five feature films, and I don't really make it a habit to see them. His performance as the replacement manager in Almost Famous is interestingly different from his TV work that I have seen.

III. What legal powers does a filming permit give to its holders?
I ask because said holders ordered me to, among other things, stop walking, walk quickly, and avert my eyes from the direction where the filming was taking place. In doing so, were they just relying on the human instinct to defer to authoritative proclamations, or if I had said "no" were there steps they could have taken to encourage me. Maybe they could get the police to escort me off of the street they were filming? If I had been in the mood to stand on a particular spot on the McDougal Street (btw. 3rd and Bleeker) sidewalk today, and to look in a particular direction, for an hour or more, what remedy does their filming permit give them against me? Certainly they can direct social ire at me, but are they able to do any more? I tried to find a copy of the shooting permit online, but can only find the permit application.

IV. Top Five Pepsi Commercials
I have better things to do with my time than list these. Not that it has anything to do with why there isn't a list, but I also can't find a convenient online archive of Pepsi ads, only the current ones are available.

Update 2/14/06: People seem to keep finding this post by searching for things like "Jimmy Fallon" and "Pepsi." There are a surprising number of you interested in this ad, so here's the copy of it I was able to find.