Roberts Hearing

Cross-posted and amended for comprehensibility from comments:

Yes, [asking about what Roberts thought about interning people solely on the basis of their race, ethnicity, or nation of origin; not on for instance their nation of origin plus being at war with that nation] is a very stupid thing to ask.
I like Ted Kennedy better during times when I'm not listening to him speak.
I'd like to see Roberts asked who his favorite character in Inherit the Wind is.
[In response to another commenter noting that since Robert's will answer many of the questions to which a full and accurate answer would be very interesting with, "That may come before the court," and suggesting that there questions should be asked for which that would, in itself, be an interesting answer.]I'm not sure on what issues it would be particularly revealing that he thinks it might come before the court. Maybe whether some circuitous proposals invloving mandatory movement of Supeme Court Justices to Senior Justice status after 18 years violate the Article III requirement of life tenure, since he'd then be predicting that it might get proposed in and pass Congress...that's probably far too specific.

C-SPAN is appealingly amateurish.