Rounding up and redirecting

- On his site, Tyler tells us that the Scorsese on Dylan American Masters episode is astonishingly good. In New York it's airing next Monday and Tuesday, you can check when it'll air in your area here.

- Mark Kleiman, has, as frequently happens, posted a lot of thought-provoking entries lately. In case you're not already reading him, some high points: Particularly good is the one on project management failures re: both Katrina and the Iraqi reconstruction. The post includes this gem: "More broadly, this sort of result is the natural outgrowth of a political-journalistic culture that uses 'wonk' as a pejorative. Only a wonk would care about the difference between corporate debarment and individual debarment, or about the question of how to design a contracting system for a corrupt environment." You'll probably need some context to make sense of the examples there (I know I did), so read the
whole thing. I also really like the Sebastian Mallaby piece which he quotes just above that. Finally, check out this post to learn that George W. Bush isn't just a bad wizard.

-Both of the Coney Island artist lineups for this concert look amazing, day one especially. Staten Island isn't too bad either.