Sincere, then snark

First, if you haven't donated yet, I have a link four posts down for Red Cross donations to alleviate the damage from Katrina, and they still definitely need money, as the news out of New Orleans grows increasingly horrific.

Second, I have a follow up on the post directly below this one on the sort of garbled/ repetitive post below this one, on Jeremy Blachman's proposal to make bloggers a protected calls under anti-discrimination law (my wording, his proposal, see below). After reading Will's thoughts on the Op-ed I now realize that this is just a very clever way to completely end at-will employment by creating a protected calls that anyone can join with minimal effort. Even for those with no computer of their own or computer skills, surely workplace advocates will assist them in creating a blog and putting up at least one post (does it take more than this for one to join the class of bloggers?) using computers at their local library or some other free institution. Once everyone is a blogger, all firings will be held to stricter scrutiny, as everyone can argue that they were fired because of their harmless blog, in violation of the proposed Blachman bill.