Staple crops

The West Wing premieres on Sunday, but until then I can't post my weekly thoughts on it. I will say that I'm looking forward to an escape to a fictional political realm where no Senator worries about how Hurricane Katrina might prevent the estate tax repeal and responds to that worry by scouring the dead for a victim whose family had to pay the estate tax; one where the people who work at Treasury do so because they understand fiscal and/or monetary policy, not just because the President feels like they're loyal to him. In that world members in good standing of the President's party (with the same last name as the lame duck West Wing Pres.) don't need to note that in the event of a financial crisis the people in charge would have less than a clue about what to do, because in that world the case is otherwise. Another (the other, probably) recurring, staple feature will return very early Wednesday, albeit in a cursory fashion.

On a different note, as of this writing, the Yankees are a half game back from both the Red Sox and Indians. The last twelve games for the Yankees (the other two only have eleven) are going to be mighty interesting.