Catch a risen star

Just returned from dinner. While there, I had gotten up from the table to watch a bit of the Red Sox - White Sox game. So I'm standing next to the bar watching, and hear a familiar sounding voice talking to a couple of the people sitting there. After watching Tony Graffanino miss a very playable grounder off of Juan Uribe, I turn to see if there's some reason I knew that voice. And it's Luis Guzman.

For some reason this some makes me nervous, which is stupid, but happens whenever one (or at least I) run(s) into a celebrity. So I turn back to the game for a couple of seconds, turn back to him, and say (over-excitedly), "I don't want to bother you during dinner, but you were great in The Limey" (I said it with italics too).

He says, sounding sincere, "Thanks man. Thanks a lot."

I turn to watch the game a little longer and then return to my table.

The above story is true, except for the parts I changed to make it more dramatic. In particular, I knew who's voice it was, because prior to my getting up to watch the game:

a) he was sitting at a booth diagonally in front of my table before I got up to watch the game
b) the waitress, when asked, confirmed that the Seafood Luis G. salad on the restaurant's menu was named after him
c) he had gone outside for a cigarette, and stopped to watch the game on his way out

But wasn't the story better when I told it as if I hadn't gotten up from my table to watch the game partially because it would lead to a chance to sound like a fanboy? But all of his work with Soderbergh and Paul Thomas Anderson has been very good.