Local boy makes good

I know that:
a) people are tired of stories about Hurricane Katrina, especially with the onslaught of other storms and disasters in the past two months;
b) I, and almost everyone else, have already noted that there have been a lot of stories about how frequently rumors about New Orleans in the first post-Katrina week were being repeated as gospel truth;
c) people who are going to read the lead story of the New York Times Magazine probably do so whether or not I suggest on my blog that they should.

a) I can't have been the only person who was wondering about who the person (or people) would be to eventually offer an in-depth book form chronicle of Katrina-related events;
b) on the evidence of his piece in the Times, Michael Lewis (note: his crappy website isn't a reason not to read this) is an early contender;
c) the obvious broken-windows fallacy on page two (of the online version, print is differently paginated) might be attributable to him explaining how he saw things as a child.
Read it.