Sardines would have been a better mascot

Most "Mamet" exchange in State and Main:
Bunky: "She could have done better than him."
Spud: "It takes all kinds."
Bunky: "That's what it takes? I always wondered what it took."
This gets the nod because my idea of the archtypal Mamet dialogue (at least for his later films), is something that doesn't work at all on the page, but really sings when it's delivered with right pacing and intonation. Also idiomatic phrases literally looks to be something he likes playing with.

The runner-up for this award was:

Walt Price: Waterford, Vermont. Where is it? That's where it is.

This ends tonight's edition of a sampling of my thoughts on the (really excellent) DVD I just watched. In other Mamet news, Spartan sucked, and don't let people telling you that it subverts the expectations of the action genre tell you otherwise.