End-of-semester blues

Firstly, "American Footprints" is an interestingly vague name and far superior to that site's old one which I, and many others, were bothered by. While pretty much all of their posts are good, this one about a student being contacted by the Department of Homeland Security over his library reading records is especially noteworthy. With the story having only recently been published, it may turn out to be false, and will almost certainly involve factors which haven't yet come to light.

Second, I'm still annoyed at having lost (as far as I can tell) almost all of the small number of comments this blog has received in its short history. I don't know how many months haloscan keeps them for, but it doesn't look like the answer is all that long.

Third is a Tyler Cowen post about what currency can be used for qua pieces of paper which everyone in a country sees and handles, rather than qua a medium which of exchange for other goods. "Rather than," might be the wrong phrase, since the second use enables the first. Read the whole list, but I especially like: 8. Maps or something else practical. Multiplication tables? Translations of key words, especially if the country is multilingual?

Finally, a post by Michael O'Hare at what used to Mark Kleiman's site only, summarizing his feelings about the "War on Christmas" in an acerbic but lengthy manner.

The titular blues in this post are because it's not yet the end of the semester and I have quite a bit to do before it ends on Thursday.