I wonder if their moon is made of bleu cheese

There comes a time in the life of every blogger where they read The Corner and come away wondering what the atmosphere is made of on the alterna-earth where its posters reside, reasoning that it must be a very different planet from the one they're on. For me, that time is now.

The day started off normally enough, with me reading a Sam Rosenfeld post at Tapped. This post contained a link to a Jonah Goldberg piece on the Corner, and it was when I followed this link and then scrolled around a little that the madness truly began. In short order, I found:

-Mark Levin, while blithely ignoring the oh so sophisticated distinction between terrorist and suspect, directly implying that he would happily join a group called "People for the Unethical Treatment of Terrorists (PUTT)," or on the alternative (more charitable?) interpretation, "People who think there are no Ethical Standards which Apply to the Treatment of Terrorists (PESATT)."

- K-Lo making a joke about the ACLU boycotting showings of a Charlie Brown Christmas, which is really funny, because it takes the ACLU's well-known position of—I have no idea what, and combines it with their boycott of—does the ACLU ever boycott anything?—to reach the funny result that they should logically boycott a commercial media station.

- K-Lo decrying that the ACLU is forcing towns to stop plowing church parking lots. When a reader e-mails to note that the article which K-Lo was quoting is about how a private citizen having nothing to do with the ACLU stopped their town from plowing church parking lots (which I would personally think would be an issue the demos of that town could go either way on), she responds that the ACLU likes that kind of stuff generally. Oh, and while printing the e-mail correcting her she makes fun of the ACLU for the hypothetical possibility that they might at some future point be mad about her smear.

For more on the Corner and their torture "debate," since this Scott Lemieux post and accompanying links.