Eat at Sal's

I really like the trailer for Inside Man. I actually quite like trailers that start with one of the characters looking directly into the camera and seeming to talk to the audience. For instance, I still remember (because I was such a fan of) the teaser for Face/off. Actually, I thought there was a version which was only the first half of the one at the link, not sure if that's right or if I'm mis-remembering a trailer I thought had made such an impression.

However, it's very hard to detect Inside Man's director's hand at work in the preview. This could just be because previews aren't usually assembled by the director, or it could be that Spike Lee's touch isn't as obvious as usual in what will be the first action/suspense film of his career. I haven't seen anything he's does since the excellent 25th Hour; maybe his style is changing for all I know.

On a final Spike Lee related note, I renew my old lament: Why are the Knicks so bad?