I haven't done the Ethicist blogging thing for a long time, nor have I been reading the column. But I do have my own really trivial ethical issues. Very recently, I was involved in a contest in which the winning team receives money, and my team won. This is a fairly organized thing, and I don't personally know any of the members of any of the other teams, but I do participate in this event most weeks. Like the vast majority of contests, this one is won by the team with the highest score, and the contest organizers/officials keep track of everyone's score. But my team also tracks our own score independently, and when scores were announced at the midpoint of the event, we had one more point than we could account for. We later won by one point. There is also a later question which we did not get a point for, and think the officials got wrong. What are my ethical duties, or what do you think I should do in general? This isn't a request for advice, treat it like the person I'm talking about isn't me, since I've already made up my mind about the course of action I'm taking.