Dogs playing poker

This weekend, I was questioning/mocking the decision of a friend of mine, who may or may not read this post, to use Nighthawks

as his cellphone background picture (sorry friend, if you're reading). I don't retract that Nighthawks sort of sucks (the extent of my vocabulary for criticizing paintings is limited, though I've also used clich├Ęd to describe that one), but today I sat down to use a computer, and its desktop background was this painting,

which I quite like. And when I looked up who'd painted Chop Suey, I discovered it was none other than Edward Hopper. So I've correspondingly revised upward my opinion of same. Another post could potentially focus on the strangeness of having one's most frequent interactions with fine art via the backgrounds of various consumer electronics, but to be honest I'll most likely never write about that. If you want more and/or real art blogging, and aren't already familiar with his work, check out Kriston Capps at Grammar.police and/or Eye Level. That last advice is, as previously, directed at people who aren't regular blog readers.

[Updated a bit over one year later to fix some typos and the link to the second image]