How embarrassing!

I just failed, in multiple google searches, to locate the lyrics to a song I was taught in elemntary school in order to help us learn the names of all the President's of The United States of America, not including President's of the Continental Congress (which of course isn't the United States, but I'm just clarifying). I had assumed this was something that a great many children learned, but now I'm worried that a teacher at my elementary school made it up. In order to increase my chances of eventually finding all the lyrics, I'm going to post the lyrics I remember for the first verse, part of the chorus, and part of the second verse, hoping that someone else will one day be searching for this. However, since I'm wholly ignorant of matters musical, I will probably misplace most of the line breaks.
Verse 1
Then John Adams
Followed by Jefferson
Number three
Madison, Monroe
John Qunicy Adams
Then Jackson
Old hickory
Martin Van Buren
A little obscure
And he was number eight
William Henry Harrison
Died too early
Or came too late
So you need not be hesitant
You can name all the Presidents
All the White House residents
Of the United States
Verse 2
The only part of verse two that I can remember is the following, I'm not sure how this song deals with Tyler, Polk, Taylor, and Fillmore. Though I know how another song deals with Polk.
Franklin Pierce then
James Buchanan
Lincoln did supplant
Anyway, if anyone ever finds this post who is also trying to find the full lyrics to this song, it would prove that I'm not a crazy person (on this matter, at least), so drop me a comment.

Update (11/18/08): Thanks for stopping by, Ask MeFi readers. I'm a fan of a song about you guys too.