Manna from heaven

Just last week I was complaining to my roomate that I hadn't seen Jon Stewart interviewed by any of the cable or network news programs since he tore into Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson on Crossfire in 2004. So I was pretty pleased with my timing when I discovered he'd been on Larry King this weekend (transcript, clip 1, clip 2). The best exchange has to be this:
KING: So, you don't want it to be bad?

STEWART: Did you really just ask me if I want it to be bad?

KING: Yes because you...

STEWART: What are you -- I have kids what do you think? Yes, I don't want them to have any kind of a -- I want things to corrode to the point where we're all living in huts.

KING: Not all living in huts but generally comics political comics like things to go a little wrong, don't have to be the end of the world.

STEWART: Like things to go a little wrong like birdshot to the face of a guy that will survive.

KING: That's right.

STEWART: Not like things to go wrong until it's like Mad Max, every man for himself, let's all ride around with machineguns on, which seems to be the way that it's...

KING: You don't want Medicare to fail?

STEWART: Are you insane?


STEWART: You're literally asking me if I would prefer -- yes, Larry, what I'm saying to you as a comedian I want old people to suffer, old and poor people to suffer.
Watch and/or read the whole thing, it's very good. Actually, you can't watch the whole thing, since I've only linked to partial clips. I'd like to see Jon as an ombudsmen for a newspaper, or for that matter a network news show. The second seems more likely, despite no such position existing, because of his total lack of experience in print news media.