Repeat after me

If the main reason people believe that there is some problem with being both a Christian (I'm not) and a Democrat (I am) is that non-Democratic party members say so (it is), instead of having internecine debates about it, why don't we (Democrats) all just say something like this: "There is nothing unchristian about being a, and voting for, Democrats. There is nothing undemocratic about believing in, and participating in the rituals of, any church of the Christian religion. The people at are a) real, b) Democrats, c) Christians in good standing."

Anyone who wants to copy this or some variant of it and put it on their blog (or just say it to people, but that would involve talking to people in real life) is more than welcome, it's more useful and more true then debating out democratic hostility to Christians. Also, it might be really useful (assuming you agree that saying this might be useful), to say this on a blog that has an audience, and even better if your audience includes someone who recently voted for a non-Democratic federal level candidate. Also, the exit-polling I link to is bizarre, since instead of asking which, if any, religious organization one identifies with, it asks which religious organization one identifies with and one's racial characteristics and one's political identification, with people being able to choose only one.