A lot of those people are not looking at the stage

Photo of the day, 2008 U.S. Democratic Presidential Primary division:

That's some of the 75,000 person strong crowd at the Obama rally on Sunday in Oregon. To the best of my knowledge, no exit polling was done on what percentage of the crowd was actually there to see The Decemberists. I'm willing to wager it wasn't zero.

Post of the day, 2008 U.S. Democratic Presidential Primary division: Dana Goldstein on Hillary Clinton on sexism, both in the course of the campaign and in the world. Everything Dana says is right, except one might quibble about whether there is a core of the "ideology of terrorism" (which I take to mean the ideology of al Qaeda and other religiously motivated Islamic terrorist groups in Dana's usage) for sexism to be at, or if rather terrorism is inspired by a number of not particularly related ideas which don't cohere into one core. Also, primary campaign coverage seems to me to be lessening and shifting to coverage of the general, so it's not clear how many more posts of the day I'll have on this topic.

Post of the day, 1980 U.S. Democratic Presidential Primary division: Edward Kennedy's speech to the Democratic Convention after he'd lost the nomination battle. I was hoping to post some interesting anecdotes from his history, but it turns out I don't really know enough about him to do so, and internet research didn't produce anything worth passing on besides that speech and a story in his Wikipedia entry about how when JFK took the presidency and left his Senate seat vacant the Kennedy family basically arranged for a placeholder to take it until Teddy was 30 and constitutionally eligible for it, at which point a special election was held. The 1962 Time article on Teddy which Wikipedia cites for that anecdote is interesting in its own right but doesn't actually support the claim, and in the Wikipeida article on the so-called seat-warmer Senator, Benjamin A. Smith, the idea that he was merely holding the spot for Teddy is described as a charge by critics rather than a known fact. I like the story, so I'm going to tentatively believe it for now.

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