It's apparently Jim Webb day at Provisionally Titled. In chronological order of posting: Margaret Carlson on why Vice-President Webb would be a great match for President Obama, along with a short discussion of the qualities of Webb's book; more from Kathy G. on some of what she likes about Webb and why she nevertheless doesn't want him as V.P.; and Ezra Klein on why the aspects of Webb's book which make it fascinating also mean he probably shouldn't be Vice-President. If you're going to read one and only one of the linked posts, read Klein's.

One quibble with Carlson's piece: She writes that "[Webb] won by 7,000 votes and gave Democrats control of the Senate." In the November 2006 elections 49 Democrats and two independents who caucus with the Democrats won seats in the Senate. This means that if any of them had lost the Democrats wouldn't control the Senate, and so each and every one of them "gave Democrats control of the Senate." So it's true that Webb did so, but pretty misleading.

Bonus: Webb's 2007 State of the Union response (transcript), which is when serious consideration of his Vice-Presidency started.