A Sharper Image

I haven't been following news out of Cannes in general this year because Mike D'angelo didn't go and his usually extremely useful reports therefore weren't available. So I hadn't heard about either the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie mocking the absurdity of Van Damme, which is apparently awesome, or the new Woody Allen which at least one critic gives astonishingly high praise to. Then again, someone thinks every new Woody Allen movie is his return to form after all these years, and it never ends up actually being true. And with features together released in three of the last four years, it's now officially past time to start speculating about the exact nature of Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson's relationship, as well as whether they both have the same idea of what that relationship is.

While I'm talking about film, let's post another spreadsheet.

Earlier this week I was looking at the Top 1000 Films of All Time at They Shoot Pictures Don't They. The methodology for how list was formed is mostly explained at the the third bullet point of the second link, but basically they just aggregated a large number of other critics polls and best of lists which they considered to be respectable. I took that list, put it into a spreadsheet and created a scrupulously honest (I've been known to have claimed to see a film of which I've seen five minutes, read a review, or just come to understand via pop-culture zeitgeist in the past) listing of which of those 1000 films I've seen, and then categorized them in various way. Most importantly, I've seen a semi-respectable 40% of the Top 100, one more than 33% of the top 200, one more than 25% of the top 500, and a shameful 19.4% of the top 1,000 overall. If anyone wants a copy of this spreadsheet to determine their own stats, let me know, it'd be easy enough.

Update: Due to very minor demand, a copy of the spreadsheet before I filled in what I'd seen. If you want to figure out your own stats, either download this to excel or hit file, copy spreadsheet, and put it in your googledocs in order to avoid altering the original. Then just type "1" in column G next to anything you've seen.

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