Hyberbole is the worst rhetorical device ever

Hilzoy has mentioned in a couple of posts lately about how she's tired of arguing about whether a particular person is racist, and instead is “interested in . . . the question: when does race play a role in people's thinking that it should not play?” She's right, calling some person a racist because of something they did or said, or even calling that statement or action racist cuts off any further conversation and seems unlikely to either help that person reflect on what might be wrong with what they did or to help others understand why they were wrong to call that action racist, since no further conversation will take place. The reason I'm bringing this up is because the Obama's Baby Mama episode has caused me to conclude that the Fox News organization is composed entirely of racists. The fact that Michelle has introduced Obama as her baby's daddy on one documented occasion does not lead me to reconsider.

For the
This is a manufactured liberal outrage view, see James Joyner or the somewhat less crazy than usual (except for the source she cites for an alleged use by Michelle Obama of baby daddy” and resorting to her usual tactic of noting that because people are writing her mean, crazy, incorrect, or even racist emails she must therefore be correct) Michelle Malkin, who was on TV during the segment when the offending text appeared. And hey, there are certainly times when I feel that people (incl. liberals) have become outraged without a reason to be offended. That said, for the correct view that Fox should be shunned for pulling this kind of crap, John Scalzi has the best take by far.