I think the byline is a typo for “Scott Templeton”

I famously1 once ran a google search for2rat in toilet3 for the most obvious and pressing reason that one might do so. So I was very sympathetic when I read the following:
Next he did a Google search for “what to do if you get locked in a bar.” “But Google did not have any good answers,” he said.
The article that it comes from is here, but those couple of sentences probably tell you all you need to know. Except for the answers to these obvious questions: is the New York Times so hard up for stories that someone locking themselves in a bar twenty days ago now counts as news? Is the reporter pulling a prank on the paper? I locked myself in my own backyard quite recently (because I'm an idiot) and can report that the press has not been beating down my door to hear the thrilling details of that adventure.

1. Among a select set of people.
2. Resolved: "googled" is an ugly word, my past use of it not withstanding.
3. The search was not run as a phrase in the original, quotation marks merely indicate the search terms.