Obama agonistes*

Eight page essay of the day, U.S. Democratic Presidential Primary division: I missed this when it was published almost a month ago, but I found Charlie Pierce's "The Cynic and Senator Obama" moving, even when I disagreed with it, which I did fairly often. However, I question (because I actually don't understand) what it is he's trying to get across in the very last multi-sentence. I don't know what his claimed naiveté is meant to consist of there. Anyway, the piece is good, though not quite good enough to make forgive Pierce his Boston-fandom. I can imagine complaints that the piece is over-written or too stylized, and I can only note that I'd disagree.

On the other hand, Richard Cohen should be forbidden from writing anything ever again. Mostly it's just the stupidity of the first paragraph, and how it's totally disconnected from the rest of the op-ed, which lists some reasonable and some unreasonable complaints about the primary campaign and its coverage. But Cohen's whole premise is that when people say this a historic campaign, they're talking about the day to day minutia of the campaign, when this could not be further from the truth, and nothing he says vaguely supports it. The last two paragraphs are also disconnected from the litany of complaints in the middle.

*Dammit, my title has been coined by other bloggers.