Paul was a hero to most

Krugman, that is, and “most” (while used loosely) includes me, for standing up for liberal views and well, the truth, during a relentless march to war and the many other pernicious aspects of the Bush Administration. But he's also managed to agitate me during the primary season, and it seems like the agitation hasn't ended with the primary. On his blog today, he defends Jason Furman from criticism cast Furman's way after Sen. Obama hired him as economic policy director. Krugman obviously likes Furman and respects his work, so you'd think he would note that Furman's hiring is a good thing and a further reason to support Obama. Instead he sees Furman's hiring as an occasion to, depending on your interpretation, either criticize some Obama supporters for not having recognized that Obama had centrist tendencies (mostly because Sen. Obama's health insurance plan doesn't have individual mandates and he criticized Sen. Clinton's plan for having such mandates) or, more bizarrely and therefore less chartiably, criticize Obama for hiring Furman (who, remember, Krugman likes, mostly agrees with, and has cited before) because the hiring indicates Obama is not liberal enough.