Post of the day, 2008 New Jersey Democratic Senatorial Primary division: NJPoliticker recaps a Lautenberg-Andrew's debate. I also somewhat strongly recommend last week's New York Times article about how the Representatives in the New Jersey House delegation all agreed not to challenge Lautenberg in this cycle, then Andrews, party to the agreement, challenged him anyway, and how most of the Democrats in New Jersey have responded by freezing him out. This blog's official stance is against incumbency protection rackets, and there doesn't approve of that agreement, but disapproves breaking your word in such a self-regarding way even moreso. On the other hand, this blog recently heard Lautenberg talk to Brian Lehrer on the radio and came away disturbed by how shallow his grasp on many issues seemed to be. He seemed to just have a couple of talking points memorized which he went back to whenever Lehrer pressed him. On the other other hand, this list of their issue positions (and the comments on them) makes Lautenberg look to be the candidate with the views most congenial to my own. This blog therefore endorses Frank Lautenberg, and since no one who lives in New Jersey will read this before tomorrow night, that endorsement should have an enormous effect on the outcome of the race. No one seems to have polled the race since April 30th, at which time Lautenberg was leading Andrews 35% to 20%.