A couple reacts immediately after an earthquake struck
during their wedding photo shoot at a deserted catholic
seminary in Pengzhou in southwest China's Sichuan
province Monday May 12, 2008. Five couples were having
wedding photos taken when the earthquake struck, and
all escaped without injury. The century-old seminary was
destroyed in the quake, which left tens of thousands
dead in Sichuan. (AP Photo)

The photo and caption above are from an excellent and fairly new Boston Globe site (the NYTimes City Room blog, when linking to it, referred to it as a blog but I don't know what about its format makes it a blog as opposed to another form of web presence. But describing too many things as blogs is perhaps a rant for another time) which presents large size high quality photographs relating to various news events, and is cleverly entitled “The Big Picture.” The blog has only existed since May and is full of images which are alternately beautiful, awe-inspiring, and disturbing. Read the entire blog archive, it won't take long.

And if you take a look at the set of photos Big Picture posted yesterday, you'll notice that the Mississippi flooding has caused a great deal of damage in Iowa and elsewhere. I've been made to understand that the Red Cross is “strapped for [disaster relief] funds.” If you choose, you can donate here to the Red Cross's national office or here to one of the chapters covering some of the most severely effected areas.