An absent segue

Did you guys start “reading” The Big Picture when I previously suggested it? No? Start now with the picture of the Chinese anti-terror police drilling on Segways, then check out the rest, especially the Obama and McCain family photos.

Hendrik Hertzberg is a much better writer than I am (in fact, comparing my ability to write to his is hubris), and usually more knowledgeable as well (though his attempts earlier this year to figure out Democratic primary popular vote numbers make me doubt his math skills a little). I commend to you his take on the governor of Rhode Island's veto of the National Popular Vote bill.

By the by, I'm not up on my compact clause (Art I., §10, cl. 3) jurisprudence but think the National Popular Vote bill might be unconstitutional absent Congress's approval. This is far from a reason not to support it: the only way to put pressure on Congress to approve it is to have enough states enact it that it would otherwise go into effect. Similarly, the way to find out if the Supreme Court think it's unconstitutional to enact it without Congressional approval is to try to enact it without Congressional approval.