Flip-flops are available in a vaierty of sizes

And sometimes they don't even exist.

During the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary debates, the first of which took place in 1066 if I remember correctly, Barack Obama came out in favor of federal laws for same sex civil unions, but not for same sex marriages. He said this in multiple debates, here's one example, search on that page for "marriage." Recently, the California Supreme Court ruled that the California Constitution requires the state to allow same sex marriages, and in response some Californians want to pass a ballot initiative changing the California Constitution (which is, in a reversal of the opposite error on the federal level, absurdly easy). Barack Obama wrote a letter saying, among other things (but no other things that support same sex marriage, as opposed to civil unions) that he's opposed to the passage of that initiative. Because of this, people, both strongly conservative and putatively moderate (I say putative only because I don't know anything about that person, not to cast doubt) say Obama has flip-flopped on the issue of gay marriage. If anyone can explain me how the position opposing repeal of same sex marriage in California (meaning he'd vote no if he had a vote on that initiative, and he thinks it's a good idea for other people to vote no) conflicts with anything he said about not wanting to pass federal laws requiring same sex marriage, I'd be both very impressed and grateful.