In which I suggest spending the rest of July at the movies

The above is a calendar of movies I'm considering seeing for the rest of the summer. It's almost entirely made up of previously released films playing either outdoors or in one of the New York theaters that runs a repertory program, with the exception of The Dark Knight and Pineapple Express, the latter of which makes the list mostly because the (talented) director is programming/hosting a really interesting series of films at the Brooklyn Academy of Music leading up to the sneak preview I have in my calendar, and will be introducing the movie itself.
The single craziest suggestion in the calendar is obviously that one should try to see four movies in three venues starting between 9:15 PM on Friday July 18th and 7:30 PM on Saturday the 19th, including a 2 AM Imax showing of Dark Knight, yet I'm very tempted to do this.
The second craziest idea is to spend pretty much the entirety of Sunday the 27th watching The Human Condition. I find this less tempting, but I don't know that much about the movie.