The last 35 seconds are weak though

I'd seriously like to hear the argument that goes from:
1) Ludacris wrote (update: I've seen the track described as a freestyle, so “wrote” may have been the wrong word) and rapped a pretty good track about Obama; and

2) the Obama campaign gave a statement stating its disagreement with sentiments expressed on that track; to

3) any negative belief or inference about Obama or his campaign. Not to the level of a reason to vote for John McCain or not to vote for Barack Obama, but any negative belief at all.

Via Spackerman, who gives his suggestion as to what belief about Obama the person who posted this wants you to form.

In other music and politics related news, these two posts are idiotic and the people who wrote them should reconsider whether they're happy to be useful to liberals solely in the sense that they allow other liberals to play the “condemn the people to your left” game, as I'm doing now.

Update (7/31): Adam Serwer suggests a negative thing about Obama implied by (2) above, namely that he's not fighting tooth and nail against the bizarre idea the he needs to apologize (or react in some way or other) every time a well-known African-American person who supports him says anything offensive. I'm sure we can also expect Sen. John McCain to denounce every each of his white supporters individually each time they say or do something insulting.