The people ride in a hole in the ground

Inspired by a blog post by a crazy person who came to New York for the weekend and spent nearly the entire time eating pizza, I decided to rectify the fact that I'd never been to Di Fara and went last night. It was unbelievably good (wonderful cheese, fantastic crust, etc.), but seriously, on Sunday alone this guy ate at four places which, while all in Brooklyn, are not conveniently located with regards to each other. Oh, and he then apparently had dinner at Luger's! I'm not sure I could fit all that in if I started eating when I got out of bed in the morning and kept it up until the restaurant's closed, and that's ignoring that we're talking about someone who was only in New York for a few days and decided to spend what seems like the entire time eating pizza. But it did manage to embarrass me into trying what might be the world's best pizza joint. I can't believe I hadn't been to it earlier.

One issue, which will mark me as outsider to Midwood: we wanted to sit somewhere and watch the Yankee game while waiting for our pizza (the wait was quite long), but could not find a bar anywhere in the neighborhood.

This also counts as my promised black & white cookie post. I have no idea if the gridskipper author knows what they're talking about or not; I was raised on Zaro's black & whites.