Here's to you, Mr. Robinson

As a somewhat pretentious person1, I don't in general read gawker. But last night I was out to dinner and there was a semi-famous person whom I didn't recognize (because I'm a swp, see fn. 1) having a private party in the same restaurant I was eating in. I was curious whether the semi-famous person was eating with other famous people, so I went to gawker. And thank god I did, because otherwise I wouldn't have heard about MSNBC's absurd claim to the Columbia Journalism Review that every Tuesday is now Super Tuesday and it no longer refers to a particular day in the primary election season. Astonishingly dumb, since it makes the term less useful by causing confusion both as to what it refers to in general and, for people who only rarely watch MSNBC, why a particular Tuesday is a Super one when they tune in. Once again makes me glad that I don't watch cable news, or any televised news other than the fake one (again, swp), for that matter.

Gawker didn't have anything on the dinner, maybe everyone there was in a privacy respecting mood. But I'm probably being naïve and instead there's some less-uplifting explanation for why it wasn't reported. Oh, he's there all the time, that explains it.

1. Hereinafter “swp” and not to be confused with
swipple, an adjective meaning the kind of thing featured in Stuff White People Like. E.g., Recycling is so swipple.