Overton window

Just because I haven't said it, or seen it said enough, and it should be, outrage fatigue be damned: If the claim in Ron Suskind's new book that the White House directed the forgery of a letter discussing Saddam Hussein's ties to al Qaeda is true, whichever individuals in the White House Suskind means by the term “White House” should be impeached if they're cabinet-level or higher and therefore impeachable, otherwise fired. Criminal proceedings should be commenced against them. Also, taking such an action is an intentional subversion of democracy (misleading or lying to voters in order to create false beliefs in them so that they'll vote for you is always in conflict with democratic principles, and is obviously and deplorably common, it's just not usually done on such a grand scale) and similar ethically, though not legally, to treason.

The claim is probably true.