All my troubles seemed so far away

Same deal with ordering as the previous link dump.
  • Marc Lynch on parliamentary passage of the Iraqi provincial election law. I didn't see this covered on any of the blogs I normally read today, probably because they've been burned before by phony progress on this front and had economic news and Presidential campaigning to talk about, but it's an important development towards potential stability in Iraq. It's not, of course, a reason to leave U.S. soldiers there.
  • Eric Rauchway on what was happening on other September 24th's which didn't require one Presidential candidate to call for a halt to the campaign. The U.S. Civil War, for one.
  • Jim Dwyer discusses the costs of building subway tunnels in New York and alternatives proposals.
  • Bob Somerby criticizes Obama for overstating the benefit cut in McCain's social security plan and Josh Marshall for defending Obama against other criticism on this point.
  • Jake Tapper illustrates how easy to it is get to eighteen Biden gaffes when you count totally non-problematic non-gaffes.
  • Someone at Deadspin correctly suggests that Victor Zambrano should throw out the first pitch for the Devil Rays' first playoff series.
  • Matt Yglesias cites precedent for McCain's attempt to call a time out.