The Deerslayer tale accomplishes nothing and arrives in the air

Yglesias explains why even though it's normally a bad idea to modify the terms of mortgages retroactively, circumstances we're presently faced with make it a really good idea.
Bruce Schneier makes a great point about the lack of utility, and likely harm (because it mis-uses limited resources) of airport screeners not letting liquids greater than 3 fl. oz. and other obviously harmless things on board airplanes but not giving increased scrutiny to people trying to bring them on planes.
Yglesias on how bailouts beget bailouts.
David Levinson Wilk on crossword puzzles,
Obama, and McCain.
Yglesias links to Farley on the history of the Posse Comitatus Act. I drafted a post on that exact topic a couple months ago when I first realized it was passed to protect white supremacists, but took it down because all it said was, “Guess what I learned today? The Posse Comitatus Act, which I mainly know about from West Wing, was passed to protect white supremacists.”
Eric Martin edifies me with a historical tidbit about one of the reasons the Great Britain didn't intervene to help the Confederacy in the U.S. Civil War.
Kevin Drum writes a post I told him to. That's the only reason I'm linking to it.
Image of index card which tops this post courtesy of Yglesias (his posts today were unusually good, so he shows up a lot in this link-dump) who stole it from indexed.