Mostly baliout-related links

All of these posts are good and worth reading, they're posted in the order that I'd read them if I was only going to read that number of them:

  • David Cay Johnston on whether there is a financial crisis which merits a bailout package of anything like this magnitude, and why that claim isn't being more strongly questioned.
  • Mark Kleiman's public choice theory based take on problems with getting the bailout bill through Congress (it's not clearly in the interests of the Democrats or Republicans to do it).
  • Ed Paisley's “Fair and Effective” bailout plan. It's not particularly similar to any plan under discussion.
  • Kleiman again on why it might economic sense, from the government's perspective to pay over the current market price for mortgage backed securities. I know why Kleiman and others have been focusing almost all of their posts lately on the deficiencies of John McCain, and most of the remainder on the virtues of Barack Obama, but speaking selfishly I miss posts like the two I just linked.
  • Eric Martin notes that Prime Minister Maliki says that Bush asked him to make the withdrawal date for U.S. soldiers from Iraq later for reasons of U.S. domestic politics, namely to help John McCain win.
  • Jesse Walker gets a zinger in at Joe Biden's expense. Biden gaffes have been, both justly and unjustly, a major media narrative today.
  • The odds of the Yankees game at Fenway this Friday being possibly meaningful for the playoffs are 1 in 200.