The word of the day is timeous

It means timely, and thus should not be confused with timorous.

The original plan for this post was to note that the Yankees, with their current 87-71 record, have a record as good as or better than the playoff bound or contending White Sox, Twins, Mets, Brewers, and Dodgers. Since they are in the hardest division in baseball they have no chance at making the playoffs, but this shouldn't be used to suggest that they're a bad team. Like I said, that was the plan, but two considerations suggest that it's a bad one.

First, it's absurd for a Yankees fan to make that argument, since for a long time they were, and still indirectly are, the reason it's the hardest division in baseball
But that reason alone wouldn't have stopped me from making the argument. The second reason does: the Yankees are very lucky to have such a good record. I mean lucky in the particular sense that a team which scored the number of runs the Yankees actually scored and allowed the number of runs they actually allowed would be expected to win fewer games than any of the teams mentioned above, any of the teams which have already clinched, and the Blue Jays who the Yankees are ahead of. By run-differential they're the twelfth best team in baseball. So never mind, the Yankees are kind of bad, and not just unlucky to be in a hard division.