Yonder lies a steel drivin' man

Kleiman's Plan C bailout proposal. I haven't yet spotted a flaw in it, it seems to serve both liquidity providing and capital injecting goals of the current plans with more costs and fewer benefits.
Ta-Nehisi Coates on his similarities to Sarah Palin, and how McCain has wronged her. I don't think I disagree with his claim that, “There can be no doubt that they picked Palin strictly as a stick to drum up the victimhood narrative--small town, hunters, big families and most importantly, women,” but really making that case requires considering the cases some conservatives had made for Palin months in advance of her disastrous pick, and whether McCain may have had any of the reasons they had for wanting to select her.
Ben Smith on Obama's legal team asking stations to take down ads in ways which have worrisome first amendment chilling effects.
Prof. Rauchway puts WaMu's failure in the context of percentage of U.S. GDP held in the failed bank. His numbers show that at least one bank failure in the Great Depression was an order of magnitude greater, and that understates how much worse it was. This is useful for assessing the claim that WaMu's failure is the worst bank failure in American history, except I think one could argue that the fact that most depression safeguards against bank failure didn't exist then but do now makes the cases slightly harder to compare.