Things blow up

  • I've been meaning for a while now to link to one of the "Sarah Palin Sexism Watch" posts by Melissa McEwan, and yesterday's is as good as any and better than most. It's truly important, both for substantive and strategic reasons, to have liberals keeping track of unjust treatment Palin receives due to being a woman and calling people out on it, especially people who are nominally political allies. To quote the disclaimer at the bottom of all the posts in that series, “[They] defend Sarah Palin against misogynist smears not because [they] endorse her or her politics, but because that's how feminism works.”

  • On another note, the upcoming election and the ongoing enormous financial crisis has completely pushed foreign policy news not directly about the ongoing financial crisis or either Presidential campaign completely off the table in terms of the attention that people give to issues. And by people, I mostly mean Matt Yglesias (though I do appreciate the the repeated Björk jokes), Kevin Drum, Josh Marshall. Which isn't to say they're doing something wrong, just that I wish they would devote some of their blogging to other news, news which would have gotten more notice if it weren't for those two events overshadowing everything else. Anyway, rather than just complaining about that, I'm also going to link to world events which would normally be considered important and then provide no analysis of what they mean. For starters, Pakistan, a week ago, and today. Pakistan is, by the way, also part of the financial crisis story.

  • For those of us who find leap years disconcerting.

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