Also, they were tired of being thrown in jail

In England, a long time ago, there were people called Pilgrims who were very strict about making everyone observe the Sabbath and cooked food without any flavor and that sort of thing, and they decided to go to America, where they could enjoy Freedom to Nag.
Calvin Trillin, writing as part of his campaign to have the main dish for Thanksgiving changed from turkey to spaghetti carbonara. Read the whole thing. Yglesias is also on an anti-Turkey kick today, but personally I'm in favor. You just have to spend a lot of time making sure it doesn't dry out while cooking it.

Also, to whomever I lent my copy of Alice, Let's Eat, I'd like it back. I regretted not having it when I was at a party/fundraiser Trillin attended, I could've got it signed.