Annals of good predictions

“Lawyers for John Walker Lindh (the 'American Taliban'), who has now spent seven years in prison, are asking President Bush to commute his sentence. Not expecting a lot of agreements. . . . But I think it's the right thing to do.”

I disagree.

In particular, let me note that unless the reason Josh thinks President Bush should commute his sentence has something to do with the relationship between President Bush and John Walker Lindh, rather than purely having to do with the merits of Lindh's claim, it follows that President-Elect Obama should commute Lindh's sentence. This is wrong as well, Lindh, to the best of my knowledge, really did commit serious crimes and then pled guilty to some of them. The elements of his case that potentially merits mercy relate to allegations of mistreatment while in pre-trial custody, I don't think that makes up for his actions.