Via an Eater post on a different topic, I learn that only five New York City restaurants have received ★★★★ from the NY Times. The link doesn't make clear what period of time that's true for, but presumably there are restaurants which at some point in the past received a four star review and are nevertheless not included in the list, either because they stopped existing or because they were reviewed too long ago. Though I suppose I don't know when the Times began using a star rating system, if it's a fairly recent (no more than ten years old) innovation that might truly be all of them. Also interesting (at least to me), all five of those restaurants are localized in one fairly small part of Manhattan, as you can see. If it weren't for Daniel being on the east side, it'd be a much smaller part of Manhattan, but still pretty small.

On a far less appetizing note, the word of the day, because I hadn't heard it before except in its totally unrelated type-setting meaning, is “pica.”