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What I'm sure is a verbatim transcript of Donnie Walsh's meeting with Stephon Marbury yesterday, complete with illustrations. As a completely shallow fan, I'm really enjoying the Knicks' “Defense? What's that?” style of play, especially when they're matched up against another team which has never heard of the concept. Or, more accurately, it's a style which seems to fit their current roster's abilities well and is, at least for now, a nice change of pace.

Finally, if I had easy access to a sportsbook right now, I would absolutely put money on the Knicks to come within 15 points of the Cavaliers tonight. I don't see how there's a 50% chance of the spread being that wide, even with the Cavaliers at home. And take the over, because the Knicks don't play defense.

Update: The Cavaliers 61-35 halftime lead suggests that I'd lose both bets and that it's a good thing I don't have easy access to a sportsbook. But I will note that teams with huge halftime leads usually will rest their best players and otherwise let up somewhat in the second half, allowing the team behind to reduce the margin by which they're behind. Don't know if that will happen here, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Udpate the 2nd: And this, children, is an object lesson in why you shouldn't (or at least I shouldn't) gamble on sports. Thank God bodog puts so many obstacles in the way of my setting up an account. Also, I still think the odds of what actually happened happening are less than 50%, but that's inherently unverifiable. Final point: if you wanted to know what actually happened in last night's game with any detail, neither the NY Times, the NY Post, nor the NY Daily News would give you a particularly good idea, but Marc Berman at the Post does the best job.